DMCA is a platform for various online websites containing movies and series in multiple languages. provides the link of the 3rd Party sources and do not upload any of the media found on the site. Therefore, there is no way shall be responsible for the infringement of any kind of intellectual property rights inclusive of copyright. Thus, any kind of media on our website via 3rd party sources is the whole and sole responsibility of the same and not us.

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On any kind of genuine request made for any specific movie or series, we are subject to remove on the specific problematic link and nothing else. Even if any content is removed by us or any media is removed but the link is not removed by the third party but from only our website staff and we do not hold any liability for the third party.  Contact us[email protected]

If you want any link/media/file removal simply sent us a notice requesting the same and in the case of multiple link removal, you can reach out with a single notice describing all the links .

We are stern believer of the protection of literary work done by the true owner and thus we adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

In case of any infringement copyright owner or his representative can approach us through notice and we will proceed as per the directions laid down in Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

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